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remember when katy perry was on replay, she was on replay, the dj got the floor to shake, the floor to shake, and people going all the way, yeah all the way, but they’re still wide awake?

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"Dylan had on his coat and those glasses and as Sue looked around the restaurant she thought people were uncomfortable and afraid of him. Then she said,’Dylan,people are afraid of you with that on. You need to take it off.’ And he just smiled at her. I think when he got this coat, it was the first time he ever felt power in his life."  - Judy Brown, mother of Brooks Brown, recalling an incident that happened 4 months before the massacre when Dylan was dinning at a restaurant with his mother Sue. (via trenchcoatmafia-judgementday)

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>host car washes >make $50,000 >pay Panic to perform tonight at the Kings-Backhawks hockey game, where a Ryan Ross will be spectating. >find a hockey player who ships Ryden >convince him to body-check Kenneth Harris, their current fill-in guitarist >RyRo is forced to perform >Panic! reunites >They go on a a Fever Reunion tour >World peace is accomplished

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People seem to forget that Eric was depressed too, he cut, he didn’t have a desire to live, he didn’t care about the future. Dylan wasn’t the only one emotionally unstable, Eric was too. For a person to not find a reason to live, even for the things they loved like Eric, shows something. Eric didn’t care that there would be many more doom games, that there would be many more kmfdm songs/albums, that one day he would meet a girl who wouldn’t reject him. He didn’t want to live anymore than Dylan did.


Why be mad at yourself when you can be mad at Dave Cullen

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The Potoo bird always looks like it just saw something horrifying. [via]

I love this weirdass muppet bird.

it is the ‘cannot unsee’ bird



Jennifer Lawrence almost felt three times in front of cameras and people thought it was accidental.



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Jared Leto on the set of American Psycho (2000) dir. Mary Harron
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the world wasn’t ready for his talent or honesty
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Marilyn Monroe photographed by J.R Eyerman, 1950