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I’m crying

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"I don’t forget people who wronged me."  - Eric Harris (via sweet-killers)

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2 separate school shootings happened today, in NC and Kentucky
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Charlotte, NC - 9/28
girl: *screams at a boyband concert*
society: man what’s wrong with her that band totally brainwashed her
boy: *favorite football team loses**starts riots and people end up dead*
society: great to see the younger generation being passionate about something!!
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Sh… should we all worry?
Anonymous said: is columbine still alive in the media? i hope they aren't forgotten.

Trust me, they will never be forgotten.

I do think they’re still in alive in the media, this year was the 15th anniversary and there was a special called Columbine: The Road Home.

And as long as school shootings are still a thing these days, as long as kids continue to shoot up their schools, Eric and Dylan’s actions will be in the media.

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I would hire these little guys in a heartbeat!
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umm fuck yeah.
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Our 4 week old kitten’s first time in the grass