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Care to discuss?


Care to discuss?

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Posted on June 24th at 1:43 AM
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  1. bayernmuenchens said: threatening to kill yourself just to get them stay is stupid though
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  3. u8963tuije4o39830ut said: It’s understandable to be angry over the argument, but not to the point where you would threaten to kill yourself.
  4. lets-touch-butts said: If someone threatens to kill themselves over relationship problems, they probably have borderline personality disorder. Or maybe they are just emotionally sensitive. Instead of judging them. help them. You’re so far off.
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  7. thesexodus said: No.
  8. ignorancexisntxbliss said: that’s true, but for certain people, it could be everything piling up. now, if a person had no problems before, then yes.. but i know someone who lost his fiancee after three years of being with her. is it disrespectful then?
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  10. folsensedreams said: Yes I agree. You will fight with people- it happens. The important thing is saying sorry and making up and realising you were both wrong. That’s true love.
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